COR International wheels are built to order. Each wheel is not mass-produced to assure the optimal fitment for each vehicle, and to satisfy your demand for individualization. We appreciate your COR Wheel Review

Presenting the NEW COR "RS" Concave Wheel!


COR RS Super concave over Brushed Titanium Gloss barrels

COR RS Super concave over Brushed Titanium Gloss barrels

Having the ability to design, engineer, manufacture and finish their own wheels, COR Wheels has an edge that competitors envy. With all of this freedom, comes great responsibility, so the guys at COR Wheels felt a need to develop a design that would be a direct fit (pun intended) for the classic resto-mod niche that desperately needs attention.


Introducing the COR “RS”, short for Rally Sport in the spirit of the the theme hit the sales market early October 2015.  th e NEW RS is available in diameters from 18″ to 24″ in a Super concave version and up to 26″ in a more classic profile version. The timeless 5 star design is accentuated by a pocketed center spoke accent that looks great and lightens any unnecessary weight from the design.  The wheel may be purchased with either visible or hidden hardware assembly fasteners in a multitude of in-house powder coated finishes. FItments may vary based off BBK, suspension or desired rolling diameters. When it comes to custom wheels, YES COR can!


For your very own personalized quotation or to receive more information on any of the other available COR Wheels designs or their 1-Off program,  visit their website at or contact the team at (305) 477-5850.

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New COR Encor Duobloc!


You asked, and we delivered! Our timeless “A” selling 3 piece COR Encor not has a sibling. the Encor Duobloc. This engineered 2 piece wheel resembles the characteristics of a Monobloc forged wheel without the limitations.  We can not offer aggressive citation generator concave Duobloc fitments for your big brake  applications.  The freedom of adjusting the inner modular barrel allows for limitless fitment applications as well as future repair-ability without compromising structure.


All COR Duobloc designs are available in light and deep concavity with the ability of having visible or hidden hardware. Complimented by our in-house custom powder coated finish and spot on fitment configuration, there is no stopping the excitement you will get with this set installed on your vehicle.


Ferrari 430 20″ front and 21″ rear Encor Duobloc finished in Satin Spanish Gold

Please contact your COR customer service representative for more information.

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Introducing the Exclusive COR Distributor – FL Auto Import in Taiwan

Bringing the forged lifestyle to the Far East.

COR Wheels would like to introduce our newest distributor, FL Auto Import. This isn’t your average grand opening either. The new FLAuto Import is located in Taipei City, Taiwan in the city’s high-end car dealership district, and brings the exclusive style of CORWheels to an even greater audience across the globe.

At the end of April, FL Auto Import held a grand opening of its new showroom featuring the latest and greatest from our COR Wheelslineup. The modern showroom gives customers the chance to experience the exclusive style and handcrafted forged aluminum alloy that COR Wheels offers with a variety of colors and custom-tailored finishes.

Founded by Eddie Lou, Mr. Wang and Frank Fischetti, FL Auto Import was designed to give customers the opportunity to buy a vehicle and and/or custom wheels while feeling at ease with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their passion for automobiles and motorsports is what fuels the staff at FL Auto Import and it translates to superior products and service.

In addition to offering COR Wheels and a number of other accessories, FL Auto Import also has the FL Auto Detail and Spa for a complete automotive transformation, and shop to wrap vehicles.

As part of the distribution partnership COR Wheels and FL Auto Import will be collaborating on a Dodge Challenger project in the coming months. Half of the project will be built in the United States, while the other half will be completed in Taiwan by FL AutoImport. The Challenger will boast some pretty exciting modifications including a new set of COR wheels, K/W suspension, custom exterior graphics by Car Wrap Solutions, and other dynamic aesthetic upgrades.

We’re happy to welcome FL Auto Import as our newest exclusive distributor and look forward to bringing the COR lifestyle to a larger audience.

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Lamborghini Aventador w/ Concave COR Encor Forged Wheels

Sharp, defined power and style.

The sharpest and hottest thing to come out of Italy in the past year is the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The supercar takes performance and styling to the extreme, putting all 690 bhp from its all-new 6.5-liter V-12 to the pavement in a furious rage while it’s dramatic, wedge-shaped figure slices through air with its knifelike edges. It’s a perfect representation of the Lamborghini brand and with a set of concave COR Encor forged wheels, is a perfect supercar.

Cor WHeels Review present the Concave Design named ENCOR

State of the art technology and modern design is the name of the game with the Lamborghini Aventador, and the concave COR Encor forged wheels fit in perfectly with this blueprint for automotive success. Made using an advanced forging process from aerospace-quality aluminum alloy, the Encor wheels are at the forefront of performance, style, and quality. This process of forging removes any kind of imperfections that can form in the creation of the wheel and ensure premium quality and durability.

Encor Concave by Cor Wheels Review

The featured Lamborghini Aventador has found a happy medium between performance and style without being too overdone and excessive thanks to a stunning new fitment featuring COR Encor forged wheels. The wheels showcase a concave design that emphasizes the width and power of the Aventador. Each Encor wheel was given a fresh hand-brushed aluminum center with color-matched white lips to match the exterior of the supercar. The forged wheels were then installed in a staggered 20×9 front and 21×13 rear setup that accentuate the wedge-shaped, sharp figure of the Aventador. The final touch is a lowered suspension that makes sure the wheels sit snug with the body work and create a clean, smooth look.

lamborghini with Encor Concave by Cor Wheels Review

The Lamborghini Aventador is the perfect supercar thanks to a set of COR Encor forged wheels.

Fitment Specifications
Wheels: COR Encor with concave design
Front Wheels: 20×9
Rear Wheels: 21×13
Wheel Finish: Hand-brushed aluminum centers with color-matched white lips
Other: Lowered suspension

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