Cor International Custom Forged Wheel Manufacturer in monobloc and 3 piece fitment rims.

New Design! COR Pacific!

We are  proud to unveil the newest addition to our classic line of wheels… the COR Pacific.  Featured hew in 20×10 and 20×11 on a new BMW M4, the Pacific is available in both steplip and reverse configuration.

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NEW COR Talon Rugged Series

Introducing our new “Rugged” wheel series!  COR is proud to offer a forged wheel option for the Off Road/Sports Truck market with an original new design.  Due the variety of available suspension set-ups offered for today’s modern trucks we have been seeing the demand grow for a custom tailored wheel option.


Including builds as mild as a basic leveling kit, to outrageous lift kits exceeding 7 inches.  COR can build you a wheel that will make you stand apart from the rest.  From your mall crawler to your mud machine, we have you covered, with sizes starting at 18” and widths up to 15” and wider, we have a wheel for any job.  Joining our “Rugged”  line up for the first time is our new model, the “Talon“.


As seen on the  Jeep JK, the Talon has an aggressive concave design that claws deep onto its step lip. Available in all of our standard finishes including Gloss, Satin and Matte Black.  Please contact COR Wheels at (305) 477-5850 for more information.





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2006 Porsche 911 4S Cabriolet w/COR F1 Leggera Forged Wheels

A Rivera Blue beauty.

There’s nothing like driving a sports car with the top down on a sunny day. The sound of the engine and rays of sunshine fill the cabin to create an unforgettable driving experience. Jon Kelley’s custom-tailored and modified 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet takes motoring to the next level with an array of exciting upgrades ranging from a fine-tuned exhaust to a set of new COR F1 Leggera forged wheels.

At first glance, this 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet is not your average drop-top from Stuttgart. Kelley opted for the Riviera Blue paint to sample option from the factory, giving the sports car an iconic blue style. While this vibrant blue paint clearly differentiates the Cabriolet from your average 911, it wasn’t until the new COR F1 Leggera forged wheels were installed that the car really became one-of-a-kind.

F1 Leggera_20_Porsche 997 cab_2

F1-Leggera 20″

The new COR F1 Leggera wheels are made from forged aluminum alloy to provide a lightweight and high-strength solution to driving in style. On Kelley’s 911, the forged wheels were installed in a wide 19 x 8 front and 19 x 11 rear setup, shod in 235/35/ZR19 and 305/30ZR19 Nitto Invo tires. The five, split-spoke wheels were given a contrasting matte black finish and complemented by a set of GMP 34mm wheel bolts.

The rear-engined, rear-wheel drive athlete is equipped to provide a beautiful symphony of pistons firing that can be experienced in all of its glory with the top down. The 3.8-liter flat-six was outfitted with Porsche X51 headers and a FabSpeed Motorsports SuperCup exhaust with 200-cell sport catalytic converters that give the 911 a new voice. A new FabSpeed Motorsports EVOMSIT ECU tune and Evolution Motorsports V-Flow air intake frees up power even more.

But the custom-tailored style didn’t stop there. The 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet was outfitted with new exterior lighting setup that includes DelRay Customs LED taillights, FVD LED front turn signals similar to the 997.2 facelift’s design, Porsche clear side markers, and license plate, trunk, and side market bulbs. Inside, the customization continues with a special ECS Tuning Ziza LED interior along with Riviera Blue center tunnel.

The Riviera Blue Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet is a show-stopping, custom-tailored sports car that makes driving on sunny days absolutely exhilarating.

Fitment Specifications:
Wheels: COR F1 F1 Leggera Forged Wheels with five split spoke design
Wheel Finish: Matte black
Front Wheels: 19 x 8.0
Rear Wheels: 19 x 11.0
Tires: Nitto Invo
Front Tires: 235/35/ZR19
Rear Tires: 305/30ZR19
Other: GMP 34mm wheel bolts

Engine Modifications:
-Porsche X51 headers
-FabSpeed Motorsports 200cel sport cats
-FabSpeed Motorsports SuperCup exhaust
-FabSpeed Motorsports EVOMSIT ECU tuning
-Evolution Motorsports V-Flow Air Intake

Other Modifications:
-DelRay Customs LED taillights
-FVD LED front turn signals
-Porsche clear side markers
-ECS Tuning Ziza LED interior, license plate, trunk and side marker bulbs
-BumperPlugs painted center console

Check out the video our Porsche Gallery


Maserati GranTurismo w/COR Wazara Forged Wheels

Spicing up an Italian super coupe.

It’s hard to find a car that offers such a great combination of luxury and performance with an Italian driving experience, unless you’re looking at a Maserati GranTurismo. It’s a car that begs you to push it and reach those higher RPMs as that V-8 bearing the Trident logo belts out an incredibly seductive exhaust note. It’s like a fine Italian suit the way it exudes confidence and class, and the COR Wazara forged wheels are its stunning cufflinks.

The Maserati GranTurismo is one of those sports cars that need to be carefully modified because of its already flawless natural beauty from the factory. Although it’s more powerful MC Stradale and racing variants may have large spoilers, more power, and a more aggressive personality, the standard model offers a calm, cool, and collected confidence that is as much at home on the boulevard as it is through the twisting roads on the Italian Alps.


Wazara Light and Super Concave 22″

For this reason, the COR Wazara forged wheels were a perfect fit on the Maserati GranTurismo. The classic mesh style of the wheels and their high-quality forged 6061 aluminum made them fit like a glove on the rear-wheel drive Italian sports car.

The Maserati GranTurismo was equipped with the COR Wazara three-piece wheels from the Concave Series in a 22 x 9.0 fitment up front with a light concave design and 245/30/22 sport tires. At the rear, a more aggressive Super Concave design was used to emphasize the rear-wheel drive layout of the car and fitted in a wide 22 x 11.0 setup with 315/25/22 tires for added grip. Like a pair of classy cufflinks, each wheel features a hand brushed finish with shimmering chrome lips that complement the fine Italian suit.

Fitment Specifications:
Wheels: COR Wazara three-piece forged
Wheel Finish: Hand brushed with polished chrome lips
Front Wheels: 22 x 9.0 with Light Concave
Rear Wheels: 22 x 11.0 with Super Concave
Front Tires: 245/30/22 Rear Tires: 315/25/22

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KING Tariq and the R35 Nissan GT-R w/COR Encor Wheels

A smooth style for Godzilla.

It’s nice to be the king, and this R35 Nissan GT-R is king of performance and style with its super clean look and COR Encor forged wheels. The GT-R may have unbelievable performance and power figures thanks to that potent engine beneath the hood, but its smooth and clean style is what really helps to steal the show.

Built by Kings Performance, this Nissan GT-R owned by longtime customer, Tariq, was given a fresh dose of power, performance, and prestige thanks to an array of modifications that set it apart from the average GT-R.

Things start out with a lightweight and aerodynamic body kit that drastically alters the look of the GT-R. A Seibon GT-style carbon fiber hood reduces weight and helps dissipate heat from the engine while a Top Racing front end creates a unique and aerodynamically-optimized front fascia. Instead of the large factory rear spoiler, the GT-R was equipped with a subtle RevoZport carbon fiber trunklid with spoiler lip and lower diffuser from Wald to increase downforce for better overall performance at high speeds.


Encor Light Concave on Step Lip 21″

From there, the Nissan GT-R by Kings Performance starts to get really interesting. Godzilla was given a new set of COR Wheels that complete the clean look of the super car. The Encor wheels from the Concave Series were chosen for the GT-R with their high-strength forged aluminum alloy construction. Each wheel was installed with a concave and step-lip design that creates the appearance of muscle and power, and given tinted clear centers, polished outer lips, and silver inners along with OEM GT-R caps. The Encor wheels were fitted in a wide 21 x 10 front and 21 x 11 rear setup with 265/35/21 front and 305/30/21 performance tires for a dynamic footprint. To complete the stance, Kings Performance installed a new Cobb Coilover sleeve kit. Cor Wheels Gtr



The upgraded exterior and wheel fitment created the perfect platform for an modified and tuned engine. The twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 was given a big boost of power thanks to a variety of modifications installed by Kings Performance. Air is sucked in through a KP three-inch Intake kit, boosted through both of the stock turbochargers and spit out through the new exhaust system comprised of a TiTek 90mm SS downpipe, Cobb 90mm SS midpipe, and AAM 90mm SS sport exhaust with titanium tips. A Forge wastegate actuator, ID1000cc injector set, FBM 270 lph Intank pump, and Cobb Access with TCM help boost power all the way up to 623 whp and 670 lb-ft. of torque using racing fuel. What’s that mean? A 10.5 @ 137mph on M/T Drag Radials quarter-mile run!

Inside, things have been modified for performance. A set of Bride seats help to keep occupants held in place along with new Takata seat belts. To ensure safety, a TMS four-point roll bar was installed to finish off the interior upgrades.



The R35 Nissan GT-R may not be the most powerful or the fastest, but you can guarantee it’s the king of speed and style with it’s COR Wheels and Kings Performance upgrades!

Nissan GT-R Specifications

Nissan GT-R Wheels & Tire Fitment
Wheels: COR Encor forged with concave design and step-lip construction
Finish: Tinted clear centers, polished outers, and silver inners with GT-R center caps
Front Wheels: 21 x 10.0
Rear Wheels: 21 x 11.0
Front Tires: 265/35/21
Rear Tires: 305/30/21

Other Modifications
-KP three-inch Air Intake kit
-TiTek 90mm SS Downpipe
-Cobb 90mm SS Midpipe
-AAM 90mm SS Sport Exhaust w/ Titanium tips
-Forge Wastegate Actuator
-Stock Turbochargers
-ID1000cc injector set
-FBM 270 lph Intank pump x 2
-Cobb Access w/ TCM
-Cobb Coilover sleeve kit
-Seibon GT-style CARBON hood
-Top Racing front racing
-Revo Sport Carbon Fiber trunk
-Wald rear diffuser
-Bride seats
-Takata seat belts
-TMS four-point roll bar

-623whp & 670tq on Race Gas
-Best E/T 10.5 @ 137mph on M/T Drag Radials

Hat Tip to the guys at Kings Performance for the build

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COR Marrakech 20″ 5×114.3

In Stock and Ready To Ship is a set of brand new COR Marrakech wheels in 20″ 5×114.3 bolt pattern. Wheels are Gloss Black and can be custom finished if necessary.

Note: Can be converted to 21″ step lips

Some applications this will fit: FX35/45, RX300 and some others
For more details call 305-477.5850

The below images are for demonstration purpose only

[singlepic id=1034 w=640 h= float=]

[singlepic id=1035 w=640 h= float=]