New COR Encor Duobloc!


You asked, and we delivered! Our timeless “A” selling 3 piece COR Encor not has a sibling. the Encor Duobloc. This engineered 2 piece wheel resembles the characteristics of a Monobloc forged wheel without the limitations.  We can not offer aggressive citation generator concave Duobloc fitments for your big brake  applications.  The freedom of adjusting the inner modular barrel allows for limitless fitment applications as well as future repair-ability without compromising structure.


All COR Duobloc designs are available in light and deep concavity with the ability of having visible or hidden hardware. Complimented by our in-house custom powder coated finish and spot on fitment configuration, there is no stopping the excitement you will get with this set installed on your vehicle.


Ferrari 430 20″ front and 21″ rear Encor Duobloc finished in Satin Spanish Gold

Please contact your COR customer service representative for more information.

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