Ferrari F430 w/ COR Encor Forged Wheels

Dynamic styling for an Italian super star.

The Ferrari F430 was one of those Italian poster cars that ripped through the race track with Ferrari blood pumping through its veins. Its mid-mounted 4.3-liter V-8 engine was innovative and all-new for the brand, and consumed gasoline while producing pure adrenaline.

Although it has been replaced by the sleek and curvaceous 458 Italia, there’s still a special spot reserved in enthusiasts’ hearts for the F430. It’s a true Ferrari through and through and still stacks up well with the best super cars on the market today, especially with a set of COR Wheels.

On a Grigio Titanio Metallic Ferrari F430, one owner opted for a set of COR Encor three-piece forged wheels in a concave design to emphasize the dynamics and athleticism of the super car. The Encor wheels were the perfect way to convey the F430’s superb power and handling capabilities through their sporty double-spoke design and bold concave style that varies between the front and rear axle. Each wheel is crafted from high-strength lightweight forged 6061 aluminum alloy and hand-finished for a superb look.

The stance on the Ferrari F430 is wide and powerful, grabbing the attention of onlookers as it drives by with its high-revving V-8. The front axle was outfitted with the Encor wheels in a 20 x 9.0 setup with a light concave design and paired up with 245/30/20 sport tires. The rear was given a set of 20 x 12.0 Encor forged wheels with a super concave design to emphasize the rear-wheel drive setup and fitted with 325/25/20 tires. To match the Grigio Titanio Metallic exterior of the F430, the Encor wheels were given brushed titanium centers and outer lips, while the inner lips were given a darker matte black color.

These new COR Encor wheels ensure that this Ferrari F430 will be a modern classic for years to come.

Fitment Specifications:

Ferrari F430 WheelsCOR Encor
Wheel Finish: Brushed titanium centers and outer lips with matte black inner lips
Front Wheels: 20 x 9.0 (light concave)
Rear Wheels: 20 x 12.0 (super concave)
Front Tires: 245/30/20
Rear Tires: 325/25/20

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