COR Wheels at SEMA 2014

The yearly SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show has arrived and with it a variety of new and innovative automotive related product!  We here at COR Wheels had the opportunity of working in conjunction with John Toca, owner of Toca Designs in Chicago on a 2015 Newly designed Hyundai Genesis sedan.


The cars body was widened and in need of some aggressive wheels. John also working directly with Hyundai reached out to COR Wheels and was able to come up with a winning combination. The wheels are a 21″ Super Concave COR Wazarra design finished in Matte Black centers with Dark Brushed Titanium outer and inner barrels and hidden hardware.


This is the second of 2 SEMA projects Toca Design s and COR Wheels have worked on together and based on the results, we are certain it will not be the last!


Big Brake, Wheel Issues? COR Has A Solution

One of the big advantages that come with owning COR wheels is not just their strength, durability, and style, but their ability to improve overall vehicle performance. While COR wheels can help to reduce rotational mass, they can also provide the necessary space needed for brake upgrades.

Big brake upgrades are one of the most important modifications for performance cars. Although stock brakes provide enough stopping power for daily commuting, they are often unable to handle sustained high speed braking and hard driving during track days. Performance brake kits help to reduce or eliminate fade, increase heat dissipation, reduce weight, and improve pedal response for shorter braking distances, better safety, and faster lap times.

Although installing a big brake upgrade will provide a significant performance increase, they don’t always fit factory and cast aftermarket wheels. In order to accommodate the larger size of performance brake kits, aftermarket cast and factory wheels often require the installation of wheel spacers. However, when spacers are used, they can result in a significant modification of offset leading to additional strain being placed on wheel bearings and suspension components, often causing premature wear, failure and vibration issues.

COR wheels have been designed with the enthusiast in mind. All COR wheels can be custom built in accordance with vehicle and aftermarket brake kit specifications to accommodate upgraded brakes without the addition of spacers. Brake upgrades from manufacturers such as Brembo, Rotora, Stop Tech, Alliance, K Sport, MOV’IT, Power Slot, and others are able to be easily fitted with COR wheels. In addition, custom built COR wheels are hub centric and will not lead to premature wear on wheel bearings and suspension components which can result from the use of aftermarket spacers. The ability of COR wheels to accommodate brake upgrades allows you to create a striking fitment for your car and gain unmatched performance on and off the racetrack.

COR Wheels Fitted on Big Brake Setups:

Camaro w/ AP Racing brake upgrade on Precise wheels
[singlepic id=1796 w=614]
350Z w/ Rotora brake upgrade on Concord wheels
[singlepic id=1460 w=614]
Porsche 997 Twin Turbo w/ factory big brakes on Trident wheels
[singlepic id=1461 w=614]
Land Rover w/ Brembo brake upgrade on Lladro wheels
[singlepic id=1462 w=614]
Corvette ZO6 w/ factory big brakes on Trident wheels
[singlepic id=1463 w=614]
Ferrari 360 Modena w/ factory ceramic big brakes on Concord wheels
[singlepic id=1464 w=614]
Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo w/ factory big brakes on Concord wheels
[singlepic id=1465 w=614]
Lexus SC400 w/ Brembo brake upgrade on Concord wheels
[singlepic id=1466 w=614]
Lexus GS350 w/ D2 Racing brake upgrade on F1 Mesh wheels
[singlepic id=1467 w=614]
Nissan GT-R w/ Brembo brake upgrade on Precise wheels
[singlepic id=1468 w=614]

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Available In:
Diameters: 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″, 24″, 26″
Widths: from 7.5″ to 13″

1 Week Rush Build Available
Sets Starting At $3900.00


Available In:
Diameters: 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″
Widths: from 7.5″ to 13″
Degree of concavity varies with vehicle application. Call for more details.

1 Week Rush Build Available
Sets Starting At $4995.00

Victory – Duobloc II

Available In:
Diameters: 20″ to 22″
Widths: from 8.5″ to 13″

10 Day Rush Build Available
Sets Starting At $5075.00