The Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the most durable surface finishes in use today. It is used across a wide array of industries including Aviation, marine, and military applications. The process involves the application of the dry paint or “powder”, which has the look and feel of crumbled plastic, to a part instead of the traditional liquid suspension paint that is traditionally used. There are many benefits to applying a powder coated finish compared to the standard liquid paint finish.

[Sun Burst Gold powder]

Before the powder coating process begins all components are deburred, sandblasted, hand sanded to ensure a smooth a finish, and provide an ideal surface for which the final finish to adhere. All parts are then cleaned and prepared with alcohol to remove any dirt, oil, and/or grease that may remain from the production process. These prepared components are then taken to a special painting booth where the components are electrically grounded. Using an electrostatic paint gun, the powder is sprayed with a positive write my essay electric charge, causing the grounded wheel to attract particles and provide for a smooth even coating.

[Inner Barrels being finished Gloss Black]

After the components receives a coat of electrostatic paint; they are taken to an oven for curing. Inside the oven, the powder is heated to a very controlled temperature and the powder melts to form a uniform coating.

The process is completed after the components are allowed to cool down and the coating hardens.

The environment in which a wheel operates is quite harsh and unforgiving. The powder coating process gives it many benefits over traditional liquid paint. Powder coating strengths are its durability and resistance to chipping, corrosion, and flaking that can result from rocks, stones, and other road debris. Powder coating also tends to last longer than liquid paint due to its thicker coating. In some of the more complex designs of forged wheels; areas that are not easily reached, such as deep lug holes, can be covered easily with powder coating thanks to the electrostatic delivery of the media. Additionally, powder coating is viewed as a more environmentally friendly process and overspray powder can be recycled for future usage, virtually eliminating any waste.

It is no wonder that the vast majority of original equipment wheels are powder coated by all top manufacturers. While traditional liquid paint may not be as durable as powder coating, it does offer an enormous choice of finishes. Liquid paint also has the unique ability to allow a customer to have his wheels, or portions of it, custom color matched to his vehicle, an option difficult to achieve in powder.

At COR Wheels, all of our standard color finishes are produced in our own dedicated in-house powder coating booth to create a customized wheel finish to your specifications. Our system utilizes specially designed racking and proprietary methodology to apply the finish and ensure a high quality long lasting finish. In addition to powder coating, we also offer a wide range of custom tailored liquid paint finishes for our wheels.

[COR Encor finished in Sun Burst Gold Powder]