The Electric Kustom Signals SV-1 w/COR Cipher Forged Wheels

Shocking performance and style.

COR wheels have been fitted to almost every kind of luxury, performance, and exotic automobile on the market and have provided these cars with unmatched style and sport. But this is possibly the first ever time that COR wheels have found their way on a one-off, custom-built, electric car.

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Built in collaboration with Kustom Signals and LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) the new SV-1 is a fully electric custom-built car designed to provide green performance and audio bliss. The SV-1 is based on the Nissan Cefiro and uses an Advance Series DC 144 V/500 A electric motor to power the rear wheels in combination with 45 lithium ion batteries, each with the same strength as a 3.8-volt battery.

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The SV-1 can be charged using a normal outlet or though a charging station. Charging the SV-1 through a household outlet can take six to eight hours, while a charging station finishes the job in a mere 30 minutes. Special solar panels were also installed on the hood of the car to help cool the engine while the car is being operated.

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One of the goals for the SV-1 was to keep weight at a minimum. The team was able to achieve this goal by utilizing COR Cipher wheels. These wheels were chosen for their high-strength forged construction and low overall weight. Each wheel was given a hand brushed finish with glimmering chrome lips for a modern style. The COR Cipher forged wheels were installed in a 20 x 12.5 front and rear setup and fitted with 275/40/20 Yokohama Advan Tires, providing the SV-1 with a wide footprint.

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The team also removed the roof and constructed much of the SV-1 using carbon fiber and aluminum. The use of lightweight materials, along with the lightweight COR Cipher wheels helped bring weight down to just 1,650 lbs.

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One of the other unique aspects of the SV-1 is the sound system used throughout the interior. Alpine supplied each of the four speakers, the subwoofer, and head unit to give the SV-1 a sound system that rivals that of high-end cars. Alpine also provided the team with four monitors that can be configured for entertainment, navigation, and rear view camera use. The entire interior including electronics are water-proof to protect against unexpected precipitation.

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While the Kustom Signals SV-1 will never see production, it is guaranteed to be a stylish head-turner with it’s COR Cipher wheels and unique design.

Fitment Specifications:
Wheels: COR Cipher
Wheel Finish: Hand brushed with chrome lips
Wheel Size: 20 x 12.5
Tires: Yokohama Advan
Tire Size: 275/40/20